Strategic Spanish for Therapists Series

Bundle Discount - Pay one discounted price for all three courses


Strategic Spanish for Housekeeping Supervisors

Spanish-language and cultural competency certificate training program for Hospitality professionals


5 Steps toward Success: A Short Course for Managers of Hispanic Employees

Learn some basic tenets that differentiate U.S. and Latino expectations and behaviors relative to the work environment. Discover insights you may not have considered and suggestions for concrete steps toward greater success.


Spanish Pronunciation Boot Camp

Terrific tutorial for beginners or those wanting to improve pronunciation. Covers phonetic patterns, accents, tips on recognizing cognates... more than you wanted to know!


The First Fifteen Minutes eBook

A must-read ebook for business travelers to Latin America! Successful relationships take time to develop, but if your behavior offends, you'll be the last to know! Learn how different cultural values shade perception before you lose opportunities.