Care for the Hispanic Patient

Care for the Hispanic Patient

A Cross-Cultural Approach

Did you know that Hispanics are the fastest growing ethnic group in the United States?  Have you heard of the “healthy immigrant effect?”  Do you recognize the greatest health risk factors for Hispanics?  Do you know why many Latinos don’t participate in preventive care?  Do you want to know how to reduce nuisance visits to the emergency room?

Care for the Hispanic Patient is a cultural competency course for healthcare professionals who want to know the answers to these questions and more!

Who Should Take This Course?

Any healthcare provider who engages with Hispanic patients needs this training.  It doesn’t matter whether your Latino patients speak English or Spanish.  Understanding how the behaviors and motivations of your patients are influenced by cultural differences will help you recognize their health risks and improve their wellness outcomes.

{Complete the course, pass the post-test and print out a certificate of completion.  This course MAY qualify for continuing education credit hours; contact your credentialing body to inquire.}

What Will I Learn from this Course?

Here you will learn which cultural values motivate your patients and how to leverage this knowledge to keep them coming back to you.  You will learn how to improve communication between you and your patients for a better bedside manner and also how to reach out to those patients not yet integrated into the U.S. healthcare system.  You will learn which risky behaviors to look for, including particular health risks and alternative practices. You will also learn how to identify cases of domestic and sexual abuse. And much more!

How Convenient is It?

Learn online from work or home at your own pace – one module at a time or all in one sitting. Download resources and review at any time.  Pass the post-test and print out your certificate from your account. It couldn’t be more easy!

Why is this Important?

Health and wellness outcomes matter to you, to your employer, and to the patients you care for.  Unless you know how to interpret cultural behaviors, you will not know if your patients are getting what they need… and they won’t always tell you!  Wouldn’t you want to assure that your patients trust their medical team, follow the doctor’s recommendations, and come back for follow-up care?

How Engaging is the Content?

Those who prefer to engage with content by watching or listening will enjoy the professionally-made video modules.  Readers will benefit from the written content.  If you learn best from doing, interactive activities measure your comprehension of the contents and prepare you for the post-test.

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What's included?

38 Videos
10 Quizzes
2 Texts
Dr. Lori Madden
Dr. Lori Madden
Curriculum Designer and Editor

About the instructor

"I've taught adult students for a long time.  What motivates me more than the success stories are learners with a burning desire to communicate in Spanish... right now, in their world.  The secret to making this happen is taking practical short cuts and digesting bite-sized chunks.  Every smile, nod, and successful verbal interaction with a Spanish-speaker in their lives feels like a 'win!'"

Dr. Lori Madden is a professor of foreign languages with a B.A. (Hood College), M.A. (University of Delaware) and Ph.D. (University of Florida) in Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Literature.  She is on faculty at St. Petersburg College. Dr. Madden has resided in Spain, Brazil and Costa Rica.  She has taught for many years educating adults in Spanish and Portuguese languages and Hispanic culture, in both academic and professional environments.  She is owner of SLS Publications®, LLC.

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