The First Fifteen Minutes: Courting Business in Latin America


Courting business relationships in Latin America is a delicate dance.  Making a good first impression is the first step; maintaining a positive relationship is the ultimate goal.  Avoid making the mistakes that could cost you a contract.  Your hosts won’t tell you when you unknowingly offend!  Any one of the insights contained in this succinct, easy-to-read guide of cultural Do’s and Don’ts could help you close the deal.  The ebook version makes a great travel companion.  The print version has extra material to challenge the reader!


“For first-time business travelers to South America… The First Fifteen Minutes: Courting Business in Latin America is a must read.”

-Joe Navarro
, Author of the International Best Seller, What Every Body is Saying

“Quick read.  No frills.  On point.  Whether your interest in Latin America is cultural or economic, this book will deliver the tips you need to succeed.  If you can execute, you will have an enjoyable experience in Latin America as well as new eyes with which to see our world.  Best of all, you will return home a better American.”

-Lisa K. Hickey
, International Alliance for Women, President-Elect

“American companies may be surprised to find out that they have forgotten a simple aspect of doing business – good old fashion deference, humility and respect of our customers.  This book points out that by understanding our customers’ behaviors we can sharpen up our own business skills, develop better business strategies and possibly be more effective in deciphering our Latino customer.  A good piece of advice for American companies going into Latin America – ‘Check your egos at the border’.”

-Tom C.
, Finance Manager, international defense contractor

About the Author

Dr. Lori Madden is a professor of foreign languages with a B.A. (Hood College), M.A. (University of Delaware) and Ph.D. (University of Florida) in Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Literature.  She is on faculty at St. Petersburg College.  Dr. Madden has resided in Spain, Brazil, Mexico and Costa Rica.  She has taught for many years educating adults in Spanish and Portuguese languages and Hispanic culture, in both academic and professional environments.  She is owner of SLS Publications, LLC.

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