Strategic Spanish for Therapists: Accommodation

 Pre-requisite: Rehabilitation

Strategic Spanish for Therapists: Accommodation is the third in a 3-part series of practical training courses for Physical and Occupational Therapists serving Spanish-speaking patients.  You don't have to be bilingual to communicate instructions in Spanish well enough to complete your session objectives!

The course is called "strategic" for a reason.  It provides carefully designed short cuts and easy pathways for even a beginning language learner to manage Spanish-speaking patients safely and respectfully, without the presence of an interpreter.  

The Accommodation course covers such items as:  

  • keep patients safe from everything from popping stitches in a hospital bed to mishandling a wheelchair  
  • learn vocabulary necessary for manipulating adaptive equipment  
  • learn instructions for getting patients with limited mobility to handle daily activities such as bathing, dressing, eating, shopping and cleaning  
  • cultural tips and language strategies for guarding patients' privacy and treating them with respect
  • upon completion, users qualify for a certificate AND an audio resource to keep the lessons fresh long after the course is concluded  

What's included?

16 Videos
18 Quizzes
38 Multimedia
18 Texts
1 Download
Dr. Lori Madden
Dr. Lori Madden
Curriculum Designer and Editor

About the Instructor

"I've taught adult students for a long time.  What motivates me more than the success stories are learners with a burning desire to communicate in Spanish... right now, in their world.  The secret to making this happen is taking practical short cuts and digesting bite-sized chunks.  Every smile, nod, and successful verbal interaction with a Spanish-speaker in their lives feels like a 'win!'"

Dr. Lori Madden is a professor of foreign languages with a B.A. (Hood College), M.A. (University of Delaware) and Ph.D. (University of Florida) in Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Literature.  She is on faculty at St. Petersburg College. Dr. Madden has resided in Spain, Brazil and Costa Rica.  She has taught for many years educating adults in Spanish and Portuguese languages and Hispanic culture, in both academic and professional environments.  She is owner of SLS Publications®, LLC.

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